Additional Treatments

More Than Just Testosterone!

Additional Treatments

Our doctors can prescribe medications to assist with issues many men have after a certain age, that is ED. Our treatments can help solve this issue. Why ever deal with the concern and embarrassment that ED can cause, when you can just contact us today, and possibly never deal with it again.

We can discuss possible peptide treatments that may benefit you. Sermorelin /Ghrp is the most common medication/ peptide blend and can raise IGF-1 levels, and mimic additional effects of HGH therapy. Contact us for more info.

As part of the all inclusive $195 per month program, estrogen blockers are included. It is important to keep your estrogen levels balanced; in fact most side effects related to hormone replacement are really just due to unchecked estrogen levels, and a lack of anti-estrogens.

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin can be used to boost men’s own production of testosterone, and can be used either by itself or in conjunction with a testosterone program. HCG will increase LH and FSH levels in lab testing, so we can see if it is necessary when we perform initial labs.

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