Frequently Asked Questions


What is testosterone Replacement?

Testosterone Replacement is the process of medically treating men with less then optimal hormone levels, and getting them back to levels closer to when they were in their 20’s, back when testosterone is usually at peak, and where men’s bodies are not only in the best shape, but also improves: Mood, Sleep, Sexual Performance and Libido, Muscle strength and Tone, Energy and ability to Burn Fat.

As men age their production of testosterone decreases, and now that we live longer, and demand more from our bodies, especially after the age of 40, we can benefit from keeping our testosterone at near optimal levels.

When Do I see the doctor?

Yes. You will see the doctor on initial visit. Physical exam and lab work are required before medication can be received. This is also for your benefit, it’s essential to know exactly where levels are currently, so it can be determined what may benefit you the most.

How does the monthly plan work?

All Lab Testing, Consultations, and Medications are included for $195 per month. This means you will receive a custom program based on YOUR specific testosterone replacement needs, the medications will be filled by licensed US pharmacies. For only $195 per month you will receive what other places charge over $1000 for. The $195 payment is just due once per month, and will ensure you have all medications, and are able to keep your optimal Testosterone, Estrogen, and LH + FSH levels throughout the year!

Do you take insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover this. But with our monthly option, this can be affordable for anyone.

How long does it take to see results?

Most report benefits within the first 1-3 weeks. However there are more benefits that tend to show as the program progresses, and can still be seen up to 3-4 months.

Can the $195 a month program be added to or changed?

The $195 a month program includes Testosterone, HCG, and anti-estrogens. Anything in addition or changes to the program can be discussed with us and we can address any needs you may have at that time.

Are there side effects?

As with any medication there can be side effect, most report no negative side effect but we will address possibilities and explain at time of initial visit.

Do you offer anything other than Testosterone Programs?

Yes. We can discuss this on your initial consult, and we can expand your lab testing to include other hormone level tests. This will allow the doctor to discuss further options available to you, and possibly design a more customized therapy.

Do you Treat Women?

Yes, we can. Many men would like to bring their wife on board to see the benefits that women can experience from Hormone Replacement Therapy. If you would like to setup a consultation for your wife or female friend just have them call or fill out the contact form on any page. We will have one of our patient care coordinators go over the process, setup lab testing and explain how we can help get back to optimal hormone levels!

How long does it take to get started?

It’s quick! Once you fill out the contact form, we will call you and get you setup with lab testing, which you can go the very next day, and results typically only take 2 days. From there as quick as you can get everything done is as quick as we can get started! So the answer is within a week.

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